Slat electric bed bases

Slat electric bed bases

With Andre Renault, choose the leader in relaxation bedding. The assurance of optimun comfort combined with reliability and ruggedness. Compared to a fixed bed bases allows you to change your comfort or sleep position at your leisure. Electric slatted bed bases provide optimal and durable support. It is a very robust bed bases.

Electric springs bed bases

Electric springs bed bases

Discover Alta : a new electric relaxation bed springs with a sleek design. You want an electric relaxation bed bases that allows you to choose your ideal position but also a neat decoration, choose the Alta relaxation bed bases ! This new electric relaxation spring is the ideal solution to match with modernity to your room.

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Whether you want to sleep or watch a movie, read or rest, the design of the electric relaxation springs makes it possible to naturally marry the geometry of the body : whatever the position adopted, head, cervical and lumbar remain perfectly aligned. The guarantee of permanent and anatomical support. The electric relaxation bed bases is designed for people who spend time in bed and who want enjoy ideal positions for their leisure : reading; internet, watching television but also ideal for sensitive backs and people who wish to have a suitable sleeping position : heavy legs that can be raised.

This bed base is ideal for couples, often offered in two parts, each one chooses the position that suits him best and the positions of the bed base relaxation can be different for 2 people. The electric spring for relaxation concerns all ages.

With Andre Renault's electric relaxation bedding, enjoy a concentration of high technology :?

- Freestanding steel frame : non-deformable, soundproof and integrated into the bed wood, it guarantees a perfect alignment of the different mechanisms and a total absence of squeaking.

- Glass wire slats : Each slat alone can support a pressure of more than 210kg, while maintaining its elesticity over time and under pressure. You can count on exeptional and durable comfort. Available as an option depending on the model.

- Different comfort options : translation, back support. Discover comfort thanks to our many options, for customization according to your needs.?

Andre Renault offers different types of electric bed bases :

- 100%?slats : slats made of wood or glass wire for optimal and long-lasting support.

- Slats and feelers in the shoulder area : high-precision support for sensitive areas, ideal for sensitive backs to feelers, optimal and long-lating support with slats.

- Slats and probes from the shoulder area to the legs area : unequalled support from head to toe, regardless of your position, while providing progressive comfort.

Our electric relaxation bed bases have a minimum warrantly of 5 years which can go up to 10 years for some models. The set of our electric relaxation bed bases is customizable with all the Andre Renault decorating offer : 30 decorative fabrics to choose from and 8 wooven decorations.