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Discover our many mattresses across all our collections. Our expertise of more than 60 years in this field allows us today to be recognized as one of the references in terms of reliability and quality, whether you are looking for a memory mattress, a latex mattress, a pocket springs mattress, an hybrid mattress, a foam mattress, a natural latex mattress, a sensitive back mattress, a adjustable mattress... Or a firm mattress, a soft mattress, an extra soft mattress or a very firm mattress, Andre Renault offers a wide range of the most comfortable for all morphologies. We offer you a 5 to 10 year warranty depending on the model choosen.

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Matelas Carolina

Le seul matelas de la collection Club Line 100% mousse polyuréthane Elastorem Soja, la technologie historique André...

Which Andre Renault mattress to choose ?

Choosing your right mattress

The choice of mattress is very important for your sleep and especially for your health. We spend more than a third of our life sleeping, that is to say 7 hours a day lying on your mattress. Your mattress must be adapted to your morphology. Supports are different depending on the preferences and size of each person. Mattress technology is essential, it is the element that will maintain your spinal column and entire body. The choice of this one is different according to your needs, each having its specificity.

To maintain your mattress

To maintain your mattress, you have to protect it. The mattress pad is the best way, it will protect the top of the mattress from undesirable elements (blood stains, smells of sweat ...). Use a non laminated pad so as not to prevent ventilation of the mattress.Vaccum regulary, at least once to remove all dust. You should also ventilate your mattress. These advices will help you remove dust, dust mites and dirt so you can sleep comfortably.?

What is a good mattress ?

A good mattress is first of all a good bedding consisting of a mattress and a bed bases. It is very variable according to the individuals, it is the one that is best adapted to your sleep habits and especially to your morphology. It usually consists of an assembly with a mattress and a bed bases.

Un bon matelas c'est d'abord une bonne literie constitu?e d'un matelas et d'un sommier. Elle est tr?s variable en fonction des individus, c'est celle qui est la mieux adapt?e ? vos habitudes de sommeil et surtout ? votre morphologie. Elle est g?n?ralement constitu?e d'un assemblage avec un matelas et un sommier. Entretenir son matelas Pour entretenir son matelas, il faut le prot?ger. L'al?se est le meilleur moyen, elle va permettre de prot?ger le dessus du matelas des ?l?ments ind?sirables (taches de sang, odeurs de transpirations). Privil?giez une al?se non plastifi?e de mani?re ? ne pas emp?cher la ventilation du matelas. Passez r?guli?rement l'aspirateur, au moins une fois pour ?liminer toutes poussi?res. Vous devez ?galement a?rer votre matelas. Ces conseils vous permettront d'?liminer les poussi?res, les acariens et les salet?s afin que vous puissiez dormir sereinement.