Memory Foam Mattresses - André Renault

Memory foam mattress

The memory foam mattress consists of a memory foam, this technology is part of the latest innovations in terms of comfort. Its peculiarity is that it is hermosensitive, it reacts quickly to temperatures. It adapts yo your morphology and your footing points are spread over the entire width and length of the mattress for ultimate comfort on a daily basis.

The benefits of shape memory foam

The shape memory foam offerts you a soft and enveloping comfort while perfectly respecting the curves of your body for an enveloping sensation. (Density of 50kg/m3) This technology is often used for 2 person mattresses because it allows great sleeping independence, sleeping together will never be a problems, neck or joint pain, this is a very good alternative that is often recommended by specialists. Your body is perfectly aligned and you are less likely to have soreness in the morning.